When should I use LMS Cloud?

When I mind about every detail beforehand while making an audit and I prefer to know before Oracle, how much am I dependant on the technology in order to control the negotiation of my next contract.

If this is important for you, LMS Cloud is the right choice.

LMS Cloud is the most advanced and extensible platform to discover your usage on Oracle Technologies, control the risk, and know every aspect of how your company is using the software and how dependant you are on Oracle.

Why should I use LMS Cloud?

Does my company mind about minimizing footprint?

If you don’t want to create a user inside each database or having to install a component to make the audit, LMS Cloud is your tool.

In the negative case, you would be facing a data consolidation with any other tool.

At LMS Cloud, we had worked from the beginning with very large companies and not so large but complex networks where it is very unlikely that you can access all servers (Databases and Middleware) company-wide.

Observation> If you have access to all critical systems directly from 1 computer and this is a common practice at your company, consider the dismissal of your network security administrator/s.

Do I have access to all servers from my workstation?

Is LMS Cloud verified by Oracle?

Short answer, No and it won’t be.


  • Most well-used tools are not recognized by Oracle and many customers are using them, as it happens with LMS Cloud.
  • Being certified does not guarantee that the tool is up-to-date or the tool provides 100% accurate results. Therefore the certification is associated with more historical reasons and “political reasons” per country.
  • LMS Cloud was developed meanwhile we were partners of Oracle Corp (Gold and Platinum eligible by certifications) and Oracle showed no interest in certifying more tools because they have already enough to list some 3rd party tools and show to their customers that they are providing a good number of choices.
  • Oracle Corp avoids tools that can provide too good results¬†or that come from a non-partner company with a target of minimizing the investment on Oracle technologies.

It is very rare to find a SAM tool that gives you the visibibility on the efforts to migrate outside Oracle per server, per database and per software. This is a feature not welcome by Oracle Corp.


When you are looking for a mediocre multivendor coverage,
LMS Cloud is not your tool.


LMS Cloud covers only Oracle Database (including Exadata and ODA) and Fusion Middleware Software from Oracle Corporation very deep and it was designed to incorporate other software vendors.

When LMS Cloud is not a good choice?

Should I rely on ReviewLite output files to make an audit?

Executing an audit based on ReviewLite scripts is already a bad start or ending.

ReviewLite scripts are a very vague discovery that it is focused on letting Oracle know how much you depend on them via the Oracle Server Worksheet (by fulfilling the connection type and the 3rd party software columns, mainly!) and ReviewLite scripts are not focused on the low-level deep analysis on how you are using the technology.

There are many tools in the market using ReviewLite as input and this is a catastrophe for its clients.

Yes, we know ReviewLite is official but it was not made at clients’ interest but Oracle and its partners.

At LMS Cloud, we generate our own input, which it is extensible to fulfill your needs to any level you might imagine. There is a framework easy to use by any SysAdmin, DBA, or Middleware specialist to provide an in-detail usage report company-wide, fast.